Office Paper

Sorted Office Paper (SOP)

Sorted office paper includes typical paper waste generated by offices and corporate environments. This generally refers to paper that is primarily white, though it also includes colored paper that is free of groundwood and free of bleached fiber. This category can also include facsimile (fax) paper electronically printed groundwood paper.

  • The Amount of Prohibitive Materials in SOP cannot be greater than 1%
  • The Combined Amount of Outthrows & Prohibitives cannot exceed 5%

Sorted QWhite Ledger (SWL)

SWL category includes paper that is uncoated, whether printed or not, cuttings of white, groundwood free ledger, books that have been guillotined, shavings, and other papers with a close consistency and fiber content.

  • Amount of Prohibitive Materials cannot be great than 0.5%
  • Amount of Outthrows Prohibitives Cannot Exceed 2%

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